Series 1-5 – Short Vowels – 20 Books

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Reading Elephant printable phonics books are easy-to-use, sequential phonics books that help young readers gently progress in reading.

Our books start off simple with limited phonics sounds and sight words. The gradual progression through the series allows students to gain confidence, build fluency and become accurate readers.

Our books were designed for k-2 students, struggling readers and dyslexic students.

The first twenty books (Series 1-5) focus on short vowels and the first fifteen sight words.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with the downloadable links. You can also login and click on “my downloads” to access your purchase. The pdfs are assembled in folders so with just a few clicks, you can download and save each folder onto your computer within 30 days. This way, you will have access to the pdfs indefinitely. Then, you can print or screen share each book as you go!

To keep us viable, please do not share books with other educators. One purchase is for one classroom/student educator for up to 36 students. You may not send or distribute the pdfs digitally under any circumstance, but you may screen share them on a platform like Zoom.

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7 reviews for Series 1-5 – Short Vowels – 20 Books

  1. Anitha

    Thank you

  2. Blessing ighowho OkahAvae

    Good phonics readers

  3. Armando M. Tamani

    Nice phonics stories

  4. Elizaveta Shevyakhova

    This is an excellent set of phonics books (well, this is just a first set but I’m actually speaking about all 15 sets that I’ve used with my son) which I highly recommend. Their magic is how the material is gradually introduced and interleaved, and the child just needs to read it without much conscious application of rules, and it still works. My son is an ESL student who only started reading in English about 6 months ago. He does not like reading or writing in general and would not do it without some form of bribing.

    In March of his K he read his first English words – he refused to utter a sound in English before. During the spring he was working through the texts in his textbook and by the end of the year he finished them. They were phonics stories with short sounds. It was hard for him, he did not enjoy it one bit but I considered it all a success given where he started. The school year was almost over and I wanted to find new books for him to read over the summer. I tried several other options before I found the Reading Elephant, and none of the others had this systematic, gradual introduction of new rules. So I got all the sets of Reading Elephant, and my son was reading two pages (or one page when the fluency stories began) a day since. Now he is working on Set 15. He did not do any other phonics activities, mainly because he does not enjoy them, and still he is doing fine at his Grade 1 level now. The only other thing he was doing for his English reading was using Anki spaced repetition software for his sight words, and it also helped him tremendously with irregular and frequent words. Just one new word a day made him proficient with all the Kindergarten and Grade 1 word lists in 6 months time of daily study. Now he amazes his teacher because he still does not speak English but he reads.

  5. Grace Thomas

    These helped my child and now she likes to read books. Thank you so much for the support.

  6. MCSHANE3532

    Thank you!!

  7. a shaikh

    Helps children read well.
    An amazing collection of books!

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