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Our printable phonics books allow children to gradually learn to read step-by-step. They are designed for K-1 beginners or struggling readers. These decodable books were not designed for the kids who will “just get” reading- though these kids can surely benefit from them. Instead, our books were designed for the 30% of kids who are likely to struggle with decoding.

FREE samples are located throughout our shop.

Our bundled package includes every existing printable phonics books series – Short Vowels, Consonant Digraphs, Consonant Blends, Silent e, Long Vowels, oo/ew and R-Controlled Sounds. There are 70+ printable books total. From the first to the last, each story is carefully crafted to establish the building blocks essential to reading success.

To keep us viable, please do not share our printable phonics books with other educators. One purchase is for one family/classroom educator for up to 36 students. You may not send or distribute the pdfs digitally under any circumstance, but you may screen share them on a platform like Zoom.

After purchasing, you will receive an email with the downloadable links. You can also login and click on “my downloads” to access your purchase. The pdfs are assembled in folders so with just a few clicks, you can download and save them onto your computer. Download and save within 30 days. Then, print or screen share each book as you go!


25 reviews for Bundle Special – Includes EVERY Phonics Books Series

  1. Stephanie

    Good material

  2. Czarina

    So good!

  3. Dawn Obermeyer

    I can’t wait to share these books with my students!

  4. Darcie


  5. Anne Thornhill

    great resource! Thank you so much !

  6. rachel griffin

    great resource will be very helpful

  7. joanne ricks

    Wonderful practice for kids

  8. Dede Marshall

    Thank you for these materials!

  9. Melissa

    Thanks so much for this offer. Very helpful!

  10. Laurie Eckerman (verified owner)

    What a wonderful resource!!

  11. Orly Stein

    Very helpful.

  12. Anje

    Looking forward to reading with my boys.

  13. Annabel

    These are fabulous thank you.

  14. Alison Hyde (verified owner)

    Thank you.

  15. Sylvia pabreza (verified owner)

    These are wonderful resources for this unique few months of distance learning. Thank you for offering them free right now. I’ll be requesting a purchase order at the end of the year to order them properly and pay you for your work!!

  16. sharon.hill102


  17. Shivani

    Very useful – makes for great practice straightt after teaching the sounds

  18. Victoria

    Thank for such a wonderful resources during this time of panic.

  19. beldenhillmontessori

    So kind and thoughtful of you to offer this!!

  20. Tami Johnson

    I can’t wait to share these with my students!! What great resources!!

  21. Anitha

    I am a preschool and kindergarten teacher. Due to covid -19 school closure I have been teaching virtual . The above books would help me if I can down load it into pdf file. I have about 10 younger group and about 10 5 and six years old children.
    I would like 10 beginner reader’s book
    Consonant blend – series 7 (5) books – $5
    Consonant diagraphs – 11 books – $12
    What would be my bill and how do you take the payment?
    Thanks for doing this
    Do you take $30

    • B Marker

      Hi Anitha, The books are in a pdf format so you can use them on virtual platforms like Zoom. You can get the “bundle” for $39 and this includes every existing phonics books series.

  22. Christina Milsoevich (verified owner)

    Thank you for helping us teachers with resources for our students. I used some of them and my students loved them. Thank you once again!

  23. yuki

    wonderful resources

  24. Swetha BA (verified owner)

    Wonderful job and very thoughtfully made. Thank you so much for supporting.

  25. stefanie (verified owner)

    Your books have turned my child into a reader! Thank you so much for the step by step, gradually more difficult system. You’ve helped me help her learn to read and my daughter loves how many of the stories are about animals. We started with set 6 only 1 month ago and are almost all the way through. She never wanted to read before so thank you thank you. My only complaint is, there aren’t any more! I am sure other parents would love to buy more of your stories if you are thinking of creating more. My daughter has specifically requested stories about Cheetahs and lions 🙂 Thanks!

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